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Welcome to Healthpod

Incubators have become prominent within non-healthcare sector like technology, service industry, etc but in healthcare this concept is still lacking in INDIA, but the future will see growth in healthcare incubator due to their obvious and quick-to-realize value-they help bring people together and give fledgling companies access to otherwise-hard-to-obtain resources. Any start up that participates in an accelerator gains access to mentorship, networks, one-to one coaching, and typically some level of funding.

Healthpod focus specifically on healthcare start-ups from the seed stage onwards. We believe that mentorship is mostly required when the idea needs a validation and that is precisely what Healthpod provides. Healthpod mentors work intensively with the companies to help them meet their business goals. Typically, these goals include validating idea, gaining customers, raising capital, building marketing and sales pitch, and refining an investor pitch.


“We want to make healthcare better for every human being. We support companies improving the quality, safety, and accessibility of our healthcare system.”

An accelerator typically has 3 to 6-month timeframe for working and post that they leave the start-ups on their own. But in Healthpod we’ve realized that three months is not long enough to get a company to market—the sales cycles within healthcare typically take much longer than that (around 18-24 months for health systems).So at Healthpod we give the start-ups the time they require , which can vary from 12 to 24 months based on the need of the start-up, this allow them to have meaningful connections and reach to the best of brains in healthcare to validate the business model without any fear of being removed.

At Healthpod we not just provide mentorship to the start-ups but also provide them the proper exposure to hospitals and other sectors so that they can practically test the product and get an access to a bigger pool of cases. This also help them understand the real time problems which arise when the product is implemented in various sizes of setups.