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Our Incubator/Accelerator Program brings a unique opportunity for early stage healthcare entrepreneurs to get mentoring, funding & access to our network of healthcare organisation. We at Healthpod understands the drivers of healthcare industry and make you build your business around it.

We provide things which are most essential for start-ups today:

  1. Guidance: Every investor provides some combination of money and mentorship. But in our case the money is the smaller component. The money we provide is purely to help our companies pay living expenses for incubation months. The most impactful thing we do is working hand-in-hand with our companies to grow their businesses. The type of advice we provide cannot be bought, because our mentors have proved track record of successfully mentoring numerous start-ups.
  2. Access to potential customers: We have built up a network of healthcare leaders and decision makers and all our startups have access to our network who are their potential customers.
  3. Marketing & Sales Pitch: We work with you to write the content for your marketing materials, including emails, pitch decks, and web site content, and will even join you on sales pitches to provide you with feedback. This is hands-on marketing and sales consulting which is hard to get anywhere else.
  4. Access to potential investors: Most people invest in early-stage companies based on relationships. We help you strategically increase the size of network and provide you with credibility to close the deals. Moreover, we provide you with proven tactics to generate interest and close investors from your network as well as ours.
  5. Support group: Entrepreneurship journey is many a times a lonely affair and you have to learn unlearn and re learn from your own mistakes. But at Healthpod we provide a group culture where you learn from other people and you always have someone to lend ear or shoulder when you need them the most.


Parameters We Evaluate

Committed and capable team


Market Size

Value Proposition

Business opportunity and Scalability

Capital efficiency

Support We Provide

  •   Developing the business model
  •   Marketing strategies
  •   Implementation of pilot
  •   Preparation of Investor Pitch
  •   Valuation Modelling
  •   Counterparty Profiling
  •   Pre-Investment Review
  •   Advice on Financing Options, Sources, Cost and Risk
  •   Negotiations Support on Deal Terms
  •   Due Diligence Support
  •   Agreements and Document Review